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NBA Rookies Progress Report - Picks 21-30

This is part three of my series analyzing the production of NBA rookies through the first couple months of the season.  My first post looked at picks 1-10 of the 2010 NBA Draft.  My second post examined the productivity of picks 11-20.  In this post we'll feature picks 21-30.

Photo source: SD Dirk
21.  Craig Brackins - Philadelphia 76ers
Brackins has played in only two games for the Sixers.  However, he has demonstrated some skill in the D-League, averaging 17.2 points, 8.6 rebounds and 1.8 blocked shots per game for the Springfield Armor.

22.  Elliot Williams - Portland Trail Blazers
Due to injuries in both knees Williams will not play a minute for the Blazers in 2010-11.  He had surgery on his right knee in mid-November and will have surgery on his left knee this month.

23.  Trevor Booker - Washington Wizards
Games - 27
PER - 12.8
Simple - -3.7
Offensive Rating - 106
Defensive Rating - 108

With an average of 12.7 minutes per game, Booker has not played a lot but he has put in productive minutes.  He's 10th among rookies with a 12.8 PER.  He's shooting 51.2% while averaging 11.2 points, 6.9 rebounds and 1.6 steals per 36 minutes.

24.  Damion James - New Jersey Nets
Games - 17
PER - 7.0
Simple - -1.1
Offensive Rating - 78
Defensive Rating - 105

James has been good on defense, holding his opponent to a PER of just 7.9.  But, at 35.0%, he is struggling to put the ball in the hoop.  He's currently out until approximately mid-February with a broken foot.

25.  Dominique Jones - Dallas Mavericks
Having played sparingly in 10 games, Jones has not yet gotten consistent burn.  He's shooting an atrocious 22.2%, but that is only on 18 shots.  He's also averaging a rough 3.3 turnovers per 36 minutes.

26.  Quincy Pondexter - New Orleans Hornets
Games - 26
PER - 8.8
Simple - -4.2
Offensive Rating - 105
Defensive Rating - 105

Impressively, Pondexter does have a neutral Offensive/Defensive differential.  He's also shooting a respectable 47.5% from the field and 46.2% from behind the arc. 

27.  Jordan Crawford - Atlanta Hawks
Crawford has only played a total of 109 minutes in 10 games but he has shot well from three-point range (36.8%).  He's averaging a team worst 3.0 turnovers per 36 minutes

28.  Greivis Vasquez - Memphis Grizzlies
Games - 29
PER - 7.4
Simple - -9.3
Offensive Rating - 92
Defensive Rating - 109

Joining rookie teammate Xavier Henry with a current PER under 8.0, Vasquez is shooting poorly from the field at 37.0% and averaging nearly three turnovers per 36 minutes.  On the positive side, he's second behind Mike Conley on the Grizzlies in assists per 36 minutes at 5.9.

29.  Daniel Orton - Orlando Magic
Orton is yet to make his NBA debut because of knee injuries.  He may begin practicing again in February.

30.  Lazar Hayward - Minnesota Timberwolves
Games - 17
PER - 7.6
Simple - -12.8
Offensive Rating - 92
Defensive Rating - 112

Hayward was a surprise pick by the T-Wolves to end the first round.  He's been dreadful shooting the ball and is currently at 22.5%.  At 6.7 boards per 36 minutes he is rebounding well for a wing.

Taken as a whole this group has had little impact thus far in their first year in the NBA.  Booker and Pondexter have been the most productive.

Any surprises to you among this group of 10 rookies?  Which one do you think will end up having the best NBA career?

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